Conditions We Treat

Our office can help with a number of different conditions

Thrive care offers treatment for more health problems than a normal chiropractor. Using the Integrative Diagnosis system, we can help you find pain relief in many areas throughout the body. 

The most common problems we see are back pain, lower back pain, hip pain, shoulder pain, and elbow pain. However, we treat a wide variety of issues, and just because you don’t see your pain problem on this site, that does not mean we cannot treat it. These are simply the most common problems we see.

When you come in for your first appointment, we will conduct a thorough consultation and examination, after which a diagnosis will be made.  If during the exam, it is determined that your problem is not something that we can help with, the proper referral will be made to ensure you receive the treatment that you need!  

If you are tired of temporary fixes and want a permanent solution to your pain, contact us today for a free consultation!