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According to a 2016 Bureau of Labor Statistics report, hand and wrist injuries accounted for over 16 lost days of work per 10,000 full-time workers. Shockingly, hand and wrist injuries were second only to back injuries, which accounted for just over 17 days – and were far greater than the nine days recorded for knees and eight days for shoulders.

If you are experiencing pain in your hand or wrist, don’t just ignore it, and don’t let it keep you from getting work done or doing the things you love. Talk to Thrive Care and see how our team can help you find permanent relief for your hand or wrist pain. Call us today and set up your FREE consultation!

Our Treatment Can Help:

  1. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  2. Muscle Adhesion
  3. Arthritis
  4. Sprain/Strains
  5. Undiagnosed Conditions

Wrist/Hand Testing

Limited Range

Healthy Range

A healthy elbow, wrist, and hand should be able to extend the wrist back to 90 degrees and the fingers should approach 60 degrees. To try this test at home, stand facing the wall. Place the forearm at shoulder height, extend the wrist with the opposite arm. Does it make it to 90 degrees? Is it painful?

Now pull back on the fingers as far as you can. Does it point back to your arm? Is it painful or limited?

If you failed any part of this test, we may be able to help! To set up your FREE consultation click below!

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Frequently Asked Questions

We accept cash, check, major credit cards, FSA (Flexible Savings Account), & HSA (Health Savings Account).

If you have any muscle, joint, or nerve problems then you are a good candidate. This is what we do best. If you have also failed other treatments or haven’t reached your maximum level of improvement, then you are also a good candidate. Our doctors focus on finding and fixing adhesion, which is a difficult problem to find and even more difficult to fix. Integrative Diagnosis® trained providers can help with this problem as it is not extensively trained in any doctorate education. Our type of care is unique so all potential new patients will need to come in for a comprehensive consultation exam. The consultation is 15 minutes and the doctors will thoroughly discuss your case with you to determine if you are a candidate for care.

Our new patient comprehensive exam is $150. The comprehensive exam includes patient history, physical examination, review of medical records, diagnosis, and explanation of your diagnosis to you. The first visit is to gain a complete understanding of your problem and knowing what we can do to help. No treatment is performed on the first visit.

If you are a candidate for care, treatment will begin on the following visit. Follow-up visits are $75. The average number of follow-up visits is 12 to 16, always depending on the examination and complete diagnosis.