Cedar Rapids Frozen Shoulder Pain Results

Cedar Rapids Frozen Shoulder and Shoulder Pain Results

These frozen shoulder results speak for themselves!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words! What would results like this be worth to you?

At Thrive Care, we are invested in the results. Results that are immediate, and results that last. Chronic pain is crushing our economy. More money is invested in chronic pain each year, yet more and more people continue to suffer.

What we are doing isn’t working.

What we do is different. What we do is produce when everyone else has failed. What we do is provide hope, when hope is lost.

Shoulder pain is the third most common reason why people visit our office. Limited range is usually to blame. Stiff, tight, and achy isn’t a diagnosis. There is a reason behind it.

When multiple providers or therapies fail and the problem has lasted months or years, often muscle adhesion is to blame. Adhesion is one of the most common, most misdiagnosed, and mistreated condition in the human body. When present it limits range of motion, causes weakness and pain. It is hardly diagnosed or treated.

Expert care can fix it. Our office fixes adhesion, relieves chronic frozen shoulder and shoulder pain, and gives you your life back. Our results speak for themselves.

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Cedar Rapids Frozen Shoulder and Shoulder Pain Experts

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    Cedar Rapids Shoulder Pain Treatment

    Cedar Rapids Shoulder Pain Treatment

    When doing some quick research for this post, our results revealed that up to 15% of the general population will experience shoulder pain at some point in their life. Even that surprised us! What was more shocking was that the reoccurrence rate of shoulder pain in this population was 45-50%!

    What that means, is that for the 15 out of 100 patients that will get shoulder pain, 7-8 of them will get their problem again, and again, and again.

    The major issue is an issue we hear everyday at our office. Patients have failed to receive a diagnosis and only got care based off the providers previous training.

    Often times, patients have tried multiple providers or therapies and had their pain months or years.

    “for the 15 out of 100 patients that will get shoulder pain, 7-8 of them will get their problem again, and again, and again.”

    One of the most common reasons for chronic shoulder pain that often goes overlooked is muscle adhesion. Muscle adhesion builds up through overuse and acts like glue on muscle. It limits range of motion and function, causes weakness and pain.

    It is a BIG deal for many patients looking for chronic pain relief.

    Sound familiar?

    Chances are we can help!

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      Cedar Rapids Shoulder Pain Assessment

      Cedar Rapids Shoulder Pain Assessment

      Healthy shoulders have full range of motion and enough strength to perform the daily tasks that are asked of them. Limited range of motion is the #1 cause of shoulder pain. While there are many reasons as to what can cause limited flexibility and movement, muscle adhesion is one of the most common reasons why.

      “If It Doesn’t Move, It Must Improve!” – Dr. William Brady

      Unfortunately, adhesion is also one of the most misdiagnosed and mistreated. The good news? Our office is the only office in the state of Iowa that exclusively diagnoses muscle adhesion.

      These are often complicated cases. Most patients have had their shoulder pain months or years, and failed multiple providers or therapies.

      Success in these cases, begins by finding a diagnosis! The assessment of the shoulder should include range of motion and strength.

      Below is a simple test you can try at-home to see how well your shoulder moves.

      If you find this test to be limited, there is a good chance adhesion is to blame for the limitation and is at the root of your shoulder problem.

      We fix this problem, when others have failed!

      Take the test and let us know how you did!

      For more information on your Cedar Rapids shoulder pain solution, or how we can help click here.


      At Thrive Care, we work diligently with our patients to find permanent pain relief!

      Patients deserve better care than what they have come to expect — and that is what we deliver in our office! Our team provides a patient centered experience in a results driven environment to ensure you get honest and effective treatment for your pain problems.

      If you or someone you know is struggling with shoulder pain, we want to see you at Thrive Care!  Getting you to do the things you used to do, and doing them better is our mission!

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