The Most Effective Cedar Rapids Back Pain Treatment

Cedar Rapids Low Back Pain Relief Treatment

Low back pain will affect 4 out of 5 people at some point in their life.  2 out of 5 people will develop chronic low back pain.  It costs 100 billion – that’s “b” – dollars a year to treat low back pain!  The problem is despite spending more than ever, the results aren’t improving!  We need better ways to fix low back pain!

…despite spending more than ever, the results aren’t improving

The research shows that proper movement and function is vital to slowing down degeneration and pain.  Doctors don’t measure low back range of motion. Unfortunately, the current medical model doesn’t incentivize doctors to do this. Pain pills, muscle relaxers, injections, and surgery are the norm.  We will never be able to solve a mechanical problem with a chemical solution!

This is where our office helps to solve the problem of chronic low back pain!  Our office measures your low back health.  We assess the health of the tissues, and determine, with certainty, an accurate diagnosis and know your best treatment solution to fix your back pain.

We will never be able to solve a mechanical problem with a chemical solution!

Most patients in our office have been misdiagnosed and mistreated.  We find many patients to have a relatively unknown issue – muscle adhesion.  Muscle adhesion is one of the most common, most misdiagnosed, and mistreated conditions in the human body.

When present it limits range of motion, causes weakness and pain, and speeds up degeneration.  It is a BIG deal that requires expert treatment!  Above is a sample of what treatment of adhesion causing low back pain looks like at our office.

Treatment in the video eliminates adhesion, restores range of motion, increases function, and best of all eliminates pain!

We will never be able to solve a mechanical problem with a chemical solution!

If you’re tired of living with chronic pain, tried multiple providers or therapies without results, we are looking for you!   

At Thrive Care, we work diligently with our patients to find permanent pain relief!

Patients deserve better care than what they have come to expect — and that is what we deliver in our office! Our Cedar Rapids back pain team provides a patient-centered experience in a results-driven environment to ensure you get honest and effective treatment for your pain problems.

If you or someone you know is struggling with chronic low back pain, we want to see you at Thrive Care!  Getting you to do the things you used to do, and doing them better is our mission!

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