Before You Get A Cortisone Injection For Knee Pain In Cedar Rapids Here Is What You Should Know!

If you have knee pain in Cedar Rapids, I am glad you found this post.

What if I told you that something you did today would increase the likelihood of you getting a knee replacement in the next decade by almost 10%?

Would you do it?

What if I told you every time you did this thing it would continue to increase the risk of a knee replacement by almost 10% within the decade?

Chances are you would probably avoid it, right?

What if I told you that something you did today would increase the likelihood of you getting a knee replacement in the next decade by almost 10%?

Cortisone, or steroid injections, are common practice by practitioners in the United States.  Chances are if you are reading this you, or a loved one has had one.

From the Mayo Clinic recommendations, cortisone injections should be limited to 3-4 injections per year.  This is common practice for more than just knee pain in Cedar Rapids.



“cortisone injections should be limited to 3-4 injections per year.”

New research published from The Bone and Joint Journal, shows that maybe we should be careful when using corticosteroids for pain relief.

Researchers found each injection increased the absolute risk of arthroplasty by 9.4% at nine years’ follow-up compared with those who did not receive injections.

Read that again if you skipped over it!  Nearly a 10% risk of a knee replacement FOR EACH CORTISONE INJECTION WHEN COMPARED TO THOSE WHO DID NOT RECEIVE ONE!!!

Cortisone is a means of reducing inflammation – which is a good thing – but there is a reason why inflammation is there in the first place.  Often times inflammation is caused by joints not moving as well as they should, or limited range of motion and function.

Adhesion is one of the most common problems in the body that you probably haven’t heard about.  Adhesion acts like glue on muscles limiting range of motion and function, causes weakness, pain, and speeds up degeneration.  If you have osteoarthritis in the knee, chances are you have this! 

Adhesion primarily builds up through overuse, but can also happen from trauma and previous surgery.  It is a problem relatively few doctors know about or know how to treat.  It can be fixed with expert treatment to restore range of motion and function, and limit the pain of degeneration.

We have known for a long time that cortisone is not a long term solution to solving pain.  Now we know that using these injections even once, can increase the chances of a joint replacement in the future!

Before getting another injection, know there are better options out there for permanent pain relief that doesn’t increase your chance of a future surgery!

At Thrive Care, we are the only office in Iowa exclusively treating muscle adhesion.  We have helped thousands find permanent pain relief and avoid unnecessary injections and surgeries.

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