Finding relief from chronic neck pain can be difficult.  Stats show upwards of 20-40% of Americans will struggle with neck pain at some point in their life.  Fortunately, a Cedar Rapids neck pain doctor is providing permanent neck pain relief to those who have suffered months and years and failed multiple providers or therapies!

“20-40% of Americans will struggle with neck pain at some point in their life.”

A healthy neck requires two things; full range of motion and enough strength that is required to perform our daily activities.  Having those two things ensures a healthy neck.

Each year, we spend over 90 billion dollars a year on neck and back pain.  That number is on the rise.  While we continue to spend more on neck pain, more people continue to suffer from daily pain.  What we are doing isn’t working.

The reason? Most doctors are ill-equipped and lack the knowledge required to measure and manage the problem.  For some, this may be an offensive statement.  It’s a hard truth.

“over 90 billion dollars will be spent on neck and back pain this year… and more people will continue to suffer from neck pain”

Think about this.  If you go to a chiropractor, what happens?  You are told you have a misalignment and get adjusted.  If you take the same problem to a physical therapist, what happens?  You get a pamphlet of stretches and exercises.  Trying the same thing with a medical doctor, you will get prescribed muscle relaxers, pain killers, even cortisone injections.

These providers are just doing what they are trained to do.  They are carpenters with a hammer looking for a nail.  Where most providers fail is working to provide an accurate diagnosis – finding out what’s wrong and what needs to be done to fix the problem.

At Thrive Care, this is where we are different.  Our process demands a lot of work upfront to determine as accurate a diagnosis as possible.  We help a lot of patients find relief from chronic neck pain.  In some cases the patients problem isn’t for us – but we know who does – and make the appropriate referral.

In some cases their problem isn’t for us – but we know who can help them!

Most patients coming into our office have struggled with pain months and years and failed multiple provides and therapies before finding relief in our office.  

Adhesion is one of the most common problems in the human body.  It is also one of the most misdiagnosed and mistreated conditions.  Most doctors don’t know it exists let alone how to fix it.  Adhesion, when present, acts like glue on muscles.  It limits flexibility, causes weakness and pain, and speeds up degeneration.  We fix it, providing permanent restoration of motion and reduction in pain.  The video above shows what some of our care looks like.

At Thrive Care, we work diligently with our patients to find permanent pain relief!

Patients deserve better care than what they have come to expect — and that is what we deliver in our office! Our Cedar Rapids neck pain doctor and staff provide a patient-centered experience in a results-driven environment to ensure you get honest and effective treatment for your pain problems.

If you or someone you know is struggling with neck pain, we want to see you at Thrive Care!  Getting you to do the things you used to do, and doing them better is our mission!

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