Ceder Rapids Knee Pain Relief Treatment

Help is here for Cedar Rapids knee pain sufferers!

As we have said in our previous blog, knee pain and knee replacements are on the rise. What we are doing to fix knee pain isn’t working!

Fortunately, in Cedar Rapids there is a radical new approach to fixing knee pain that providing long-lasting results and preventing unnecessary surgeries.

At Thrive Care, we see things different. We treat things different.

Adhesion is one of the most common causes of knee pain. It is often one of the most under-diagnosed and mistreated conditions in the human body. When present, muscle adhesion limits range of motion, causes weakness, and pain.

It is a VERY BIG deal that relatively few providers around the world know about.

The good news is that the experts at Thrive Care are the only 2 providers in the state of Iowa exclusively treating muscle adhesion through the Integrative Diagnosis system – the most complete and accurate diagnosis and treatment system in the world.

We confidently say we provide results no other providers can deliver. Most of our patients have had their pain for months and years and failed multiple providers and therapies.

Sound familiar?

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