We Take A Personal Approach To Every Patient

“We care”
are not just words.

Thrive Care was created to fill a void in the Cedar Rapids medical community — to help individuals find permanent answers to their pain! 

Too many chiropractors are satisfied with the model of signing their patients up for a lifetime of monthly or weekly adjustments. We, on the other hand, are a results based health care facility. That means that telling you to keep coming back to our office for the rest of your life is not good enough. Our goal is to permanently resolve your sport and overuse injuries and not just give quick, temporary fixes.

We work with an unrelenting commitment to returning our patients to health with accurate treatment. We do this by utilizing a Test-Treat-Retest process. This way, we see the difference, and you feel the difference!  We offer a patient centered experience in a results driven environment. 

Patients deserve better care than what they have come to expect, and that is what we deliver in our office! So if you’re tired of paying for weekly chiropractic adjustments, give us the opportunity to offer you real solutions. 

If you or someone you know is struggling with chronic pain, we want to see you at Thrive Care! Call us today at (319) 423-0925 or setup an appointment online!

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