Our Process is the Difference

Our consult is a free 10-20 minute appointment with one of our doctors. During this appointment, all the details of your case will be discussed. At the end, the doctor will determine if you are a candidate for our care.

Testing and measurement, combined with the information obtained from the consultation, allows us to establish a complete and accurate diagnosis. Afterwards, the doctor will be able to explain your problem, treatment options, and estimate duration of care.

Once an accurate diagnosis has been made and the appropriate treatment selected, treatment is aimed to restore movement, function, and load on relevant pathology. Our average patient is seen for 12-16 visits over the course of 3-4 months.

Throughout care, the doctor will assess treatment changes, manage load, and increase strength to reduce and eliminate symptoms to the maximum conservative care allows!

If the condition is resolved, you are discharged and back to a pain-free life. In some cases, ongoing care is required to control and manage pain. Our goal is to always reduce the need for in-office visits.

FACT: Our average patient has had pain for 6+ months
and seen 3+ providers before finding relief in our office!

At Thrive Care, we work diligently with our patients to find permanent pain relief!

Over 135 billion dollars were spent last year on chronic low back and neck pain alone!  We will spend even more this year.  Traditional care isn’t working!

Our treatment works.  We have the research to prove it!

Patients deserve better care than what they have come to expect — and that is what we deliver in our office! Our team provides a patient-centered experience in a results-driven environment to ensure you get honest and effective treatment for your pain.

If you or someone you know is struggling with pain, we want to see you at Thrive Care!  Getting you to do the things you used to do, and doing them better is our mission!

Call us today at (319) 423-0925 or setup an appointment online!

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